10:10 Life Discipleship Journey

In 2024, we will continue through year two of a two-year discipleship journey, 10:10 Life. Our primary goal is that 100% of us would lean in – that every one of us would ask ourselves, “Am I living the abundant life or am I chasing things that will never truly satisfy?” As part of the 10:10 Life discipleship journey, we will..

Church Life
We will glorify God in worship and Word through the declaration of the gospel and being disciples that make disciples.

Eternal Life
Our main focus in 2024 is eternal life and sharing the gospel through everything we do.

Abundant Life
As God’s children He called us to rescue the people that the Enemy is trying to take out and show them the love of Jesus, Who is the abundant life.

Eleven22 Life Calendar

Making Room For One More

Our Vision For 2029

By the end of 2029, our goal is to..

  • Plant 1,000 churches
  • Send 100 missionaries out of Eleven22 to the ends of the Earth
  • Launch 22 campuses around Jacksonville and beyond

Where We Are Going In 2024

With the information we have right now, in 2024 we believe the Lord is calling us to..

  • Partner to plant 100 more churches, adding to the 590 that have been planted
  • Partner to send at least 10 more long-term missionaries, adding to the 62 that have been sent
  • Launch the Ponte Vedra and Wildlight campuses, adding to the 11 campuses launched so far (including prison campuses)

In 2023, we witnessed and celebrated 2,102 Salvations and 1,690 baptisms.

Disciple-Making Disciples

A disciple loves all people by sharing the good news of the gospel. There are three primary ways for people to deepen a relationship with Jesus at Eleven22:

→ Join A Disciple Group
→ Serve
→ Go On A Short-Term Mission Trip

*Launching this fall: Growth Track, a three-week course that helps you take next steps in your relationship with God through His Word, in His church and your personal walk with Jesus.*


2023 Generosity Received
→ $56,000,000

2024 Budget — $51,596,897
→ Kingdom Giving – 11%
→ Ministry Services – 20%
→ Ministry Staffing – 40%
→ Ministry Facilities/Operations – 29%

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16