Our Classes

Throughout the year, we offer two different classes—Covenant Membership and ONE Legacy—to help you deepen in your faith.

Covenant Membership

Our Covenant Membership classes will provide you with an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and prepare yourself for this next step in your discipleship journey.

ONE Legacy

Our ONE Legacy classes provide an opportunity to learn about the benefits of estate planning and creating a will and trust from our trusted experts.

Equipping Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer three different workshops—Know Your Faith, Bible Basics and Share Your Faith—to help you deepen in your faith.

These interactive workshops will teach you about the foundations of the Christian faith, the importance of the bible in the life of the believer and how to clearly present the gospel and intentionally live out the Great Commission.


Encounters are opportunities to step away from your normal routine and encounter Jesus in a new way. These off-site retreats are focused times to deepen your relationship with Jesus while connecting with others in our faith family.

Have More Questions?

Whether it’s a question about service times, a prayer request, or anything else in between, we make a point of personally responding to every message sent to us.