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Jude: Kept For Christ

November 20-27, 2022
The book of Jude is the second to last book in the New Testament, written by Jude, believed to be one of Jesus’s brothers. He is a church leader at a time when the church was full of false teachers, religious extortion and theological wolves who were preying on God’s beloved sheep. Jude was having none of it. It seems his desire and calling were to expose falsehood and sin. He exposed false teachers, faulty thinking, and sin, all while making known the truth to God’s church. It’s a letter written to the church, to those who are called, loved and kept for Jesus Christ. Still timely today as it was when it was written, it’s a challenge to examine the way we live and practice our faith so we can contend for the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a world that wants us to reject this very message.