As For Me & My House Devotionals

A 21 Day Devotional For Parents, Singles and Spouses
Our lives, just like our homes, require a strong foundation. The foundation is built on faith, and it is essential for every season and stage of life, whether we are single, married or parents.

Jude: Kept For Christ

40 Days of Reflection and Devotion by Pastor Ryan Britt
The book of Jude is the second to last book in the New Testament, written to the church, to those who are called, loved and kept for Jesus Christ. Still timely today as it was when it was written, it’s a challenge to examine the way we live and practice our faith so we can contend for the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a world that wants us to reject this very message.

Prepare Your Heart by Gretchen Martin

Devotionals written by Gretchen Martin meant to challenge, encourage, convict, and stir your affections for the Lord.

Prepare Your Heart For Lent

A forty day devotional written by Gretchen Martin that walks through the miracles of Jesus as we prepare our hearts for the greatest miracle of all time, Resurrection Sunday.


Prepare Your Heart For Saturated

A twenty-one day devotional written by Gretchen Martin that walks through what revival means, not just as a church, but in our own personal relationship with Jesus.


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