1 Samuel Series Journal

In First Samuel, we find a promise is kept, a kingdom is built and a king is anointed. God uses the obedience and failings of imperfect people to bring about God’s perfect plan.

So, why is 1 Samuel important? In this critical period of Israel’s history, the people of God transformed from a loosely-affiliated group of tribes into a unified nation headed by a king. First Samuel is a true and accurate account of the birth and establishment of the Israelite monarchy, and of how God carefully prepared the way for His king of choice.

We will study how Saul, the first king, though appearing head and shoulders above the rest, did not have a righteous heart. And how God instructed Samuel to anoint David, a man after God’s own heart, and God’s ultimate choice for king.

As we study 1 Samuel, this journal is a tool for you to use to dive deeper into studying God’s word with us each week. God will accomplish His purposes with or without our cooperation…but as we will see in the lives of Samuel, Saul and David, our response to God’s call affects our outcome.

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