As For Me & My House: A 21 Day Devotional For Spouses

Day 02 – Planting and Uprooting

September 19, 2023

Key Scripture:

Ecclesiastes 3:2b – “a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;”


Planting carries with it such beautiful moments: the result of planning and toil, the beginning of possibility and adventure, the application of knowledge and the satisfaction of completion. Whether it’s placing root or seed beneath the dirt, settling our physical selves into a new city, or grounding our spiritual selves into new habits of growth, planting is both the culmination of purposeful effort and the beginning to things of which we’ve hoped. It is gratifying. It is tactile. It is scriptural. Ask Moses, he’ll tell you all about it in Genesis 2.

Yet, there are also times when we must do the opposite: removing root from soil to transfer our energy and attention to the next thing. Recognize the necessary movement towards greater obedience, the sacrifice of self towards greater kingdom impact, or the challenge of personal doubts towards greater faith. This is also beautiful, though typically feels more difficult in the moment as day-to-day assurances are peeled back to be replaced with unknown opportunities.

So much of our lives within marriage is about planting, though we don’t generally call it that. We sow seeds every single day in relationships, commitment, education, careers, comforts and rhythms that produce fruit (good and bad) for days, months, years and, maybe, lifetimes. Some we do purposely and some not as much. Sometimes we love incredibly well. Sometimes we hurt others incredibly badly. Regardless, we plant. I mean, we’ve been geared for it since the beginning, to grow and work and cultivate.

In married life, true growth as a couple comes through both seasons, therefore, we should welcome them with open arms! It’s in both seasons that we can wrestle through what we know to be truth, what we believe that truth looks like, what we value as a result and how we behave in accordance with it. Married life is more than an opportunity to live with someone we love; it is an opportunity to surrender that which is not ours to own in the first place, to lay down our own comforts and sacrifice our own desires, much as our Creator did. Jesus has made it clear that true comfort comes through Him and Him alone (2 Corinthians) and our marriages are a glowing opportunity to represent that reality and worship God as we carry it out.

So, I encourage you to welcome both the planting and the plucking, for the goal of your life is to glorify your Creator by embracing all that He has for you, including your spouse! He is FOR you. He loves you. He is the only validation you need. Hold your circumstances loosely and do the next thing He has for you to do today. Walk in it and trust Him together. The scope He has on our lives is bigger than we can fathom.

Deepening questions:

  • What have you planted in your life that you would be unwilling to uproot? Is it physical stuff? Certain relationships? Your career? Ask yourself why you are holding on so tight to it. Is it for the glory of God or for your own comforts?
  • When was the last time you created your own planting or uprooting experience and what did it teach you about yourself? Pay attention. The things that frustrate you day-to-day may be asking you to challenge a comfort in your life.

Further reading:

Genesis 2 | 2 Corinthians 3:7