If The Tomb Is Empty

Why The Resurrection Means Anything Is Possible


The Son of God was crucified, died, and buried, and He lay in the tomb for three days—until He walked out shining like the sun. In a culture in which history is erased or rewritten at will, the existence of an empty tomb matters. Why?

Because if the tomb is empty—then anything is possible.

In his new book, Pastor Joby dives deep into Scripture and traces the story of salvation by highlighting the seven mountains throughout Scripture where God manifests Himself. As he describes each encounter with God, Pastor Joby shows us how the interaction on each mountain laid the groundwork for the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary, and shows what God revealed about Himself in the process.

He illuminates seven familiar passages, unveiling how God’s plan for Christ’s resurrection impossible, unbelievable - means that nothing is too hard for our God. Ultimately, he asks listeners, Do you live every day of your life as if the tomb is empty...or as though Jesus is still hanging on that cross?


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About The Author

Joby Martin is the founder and lead pastor of The Church of Eleven22 in Jacksonville, Florida. Since launching the church in 2012, he has led a movement for all people to discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In addition to providing The Church of Eleven22 with vision and leadership, Pastor Joby is a national and international preacher and teacher. He has been married to his wife, Gretchen, for over 20 years and they have a son, JP, and a daughter, Reagan Capri.

Joby Martin has penned a scripture-rich, no nonsense approach to the tenets of our faith. Don't wait, dive into this book and prayerfully discover the eternal joy that awaits those who would believe that the tomb is empty.

- Shane Everett, Shane & Shane


This series will highlight the seven mountains throughout Scripture where God manifests Himself. The events that occurred on these seven mountains ultimately leads to Mount Calvary, the cross of Jesus Christ and the empty tomb.

Follow along with a copy of Pastor Joby’s book and study guide available here.


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