Step 1: Watch Video

We think baptism is a really big deal because Jesus thinks baptism is a really big deal. We want to love you in the process by having Pastor Joby explain what the Bible says about baptism, and how we are called to respond as a church. Our prayer is that this class will bring clarity to the purpose of Baptism and encourage you in the process. Make sure you watch all the way to the end where you will be asked to take a next step.

*Please note this class is meant for 6th grade and up only. If you’re interested in your child getting baptized, we invite you to connect with your campus by clicking here.

Step 2: Schedule Baptism

If you’re ready to schedule your baptism, please click “Schedule Now” to register and you will receive an email with additional information. A Pastor or minister will contact you to help answer any questions.

Connect With A Pastor

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