App (Re)Launch

The Eleven22 App experience was designed to help you discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus seven days a week, not just on Sundays. Through its features, you can build daily habits, pray alongside people in our church family and discover personalized content just for you.

Build Daily Habits

Our schedules may be crazy, but the Eleven22 app makes it easy to practice daily habits in a way that builds connections with others by:

  • Reading Together. Scripture is best when shared! Through the app, you can read the daily Bible verses, reflect on Scripture, journal your thoughts, and read reflections from others.
  • Praying Together. Prayer should be our first response, not our last resort. Within the app, you can easily spend time praying for others in our church family and share your own prayer request, too!
  • Sharing What You’re Thankful For. Every one of us lives in the continuum of entitlement and gratitude. Build this spiritual practice by spending a little time each day reflecting on what you’re grateful for.

Take Next Steps

No matter who you are, or what stage of life you are in, there is a next step you can take to discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s surrendering to Jesus for the first time, living on mission or anything else in between, there is a next step for you to take.

Access Resources

All our resources are now available for you in one place, including sermons, podcasts, devotionals, and recommended resources.

These resources were created to help you discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus throughout the week!


Download The Eleven22 App Today

Discover personalized content just for you, take the next steps in your discipleship journey, and deepen your faith with access to all our resources in one place.