Parent Workshop on Mental Health

Saturday, January 13 from 9am-1:00pm

San Pablo Campus
Childcare provided

Eleven22 Parenting Workshop with Dr. Chinwe Williams and Will Hutcherson: Promoting the Healing of Anxiety and Despair in Kids and Teens Through the Power of Connection

An increasing number of kids and teens are facing unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, and despair. With these mental health challenges, on top of the normal ups and downs of childhood and adolescence, it can make parenting feel even more difficult. In this workshop, Dr. Chinwe’ Williams and Will Hutcherson will guide parents and caring adults in understanding what’s going on in the brain of a child experiencing chronic anxiety or despair, and the most effective ways to respond in the moment. While learning about practical neuroscientific strategies and hearing personal stories, you will walk away with five simple— yet powerful tools— to foster healthy coping skills in your child while promoting emotional resilience and connection.

**This event is for parents of children/students age 3-18 and for serve staff who serve in Kids or Student Ministry**

***Lunch and childcare provided

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Saturday, January 13, 2024 - Saturday, January 13, 2024
9:00am - 1:00pm
San Pablo Campus
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Mackenzie West
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