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Students Summer Camp

Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 and the safety concerns we have, we will not be going to summer camp in July. While this is not ideal, we are confident that it is best at this time and in this season.


  • Many variables have gone into this decision, but it ultimately comes down to safety. Although we are 90% sure your student will be safe, there’s the remaining 10% of uncertainty as it relates to maintaining appropriate recommendations of social distancing and sanitizing at all times.

  • It's very important to us to follow the instruction of our government officials and MOST important to us is the partnership we have together in the discipleship of your student. We would never want any decision to compromise that.

  • For those of you who have already registered for summer camp, you’ll be getting an email soon with the refund details of your camp deposit.

  • We encourage you to take some time and talk with your student about this decision. Allow them to express to you how this decision makes them feel and pray for them specifically as it relates to this.

Once again parents, thank you so much for your trust and for your partnership. We hope to see you soon!

Stephen Perry – Student Director


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