BOTH TRUTH FACT SHEET (from Bold Week 3: Truth, Pastor Ryan Stone)

Download the PDF: BoldTruthFactSheet



I decided to be as BOLD as I could and use social media to promote my “BOLD agenda”, so I posted this picture on my facebook page for all of my friends and family to give me their thoughts on why I grew a mustache or what I was thinking.

They guessed I was thinking:
“Alright; which one of you took my camera?
“I am Rick Bohler, the most interesting man in the world”
“I don’t always grow a mustache, but when I do……….I try to look all serious for the part”

My Dad said: I grew it because… “I wanted my face to match the shape of the barbell bars when I lift weights”.

People said I look like a:
“A grown up”
“A Lumberjack”
“A wrestler”
“Very exotic. Like a Mexican bandit”
Two said: “Hulk Hogan”
“EL Bandito”
“I have a role in a biker movie”
“Rick Da-Bod Ventura… and they loved me in the movie Predator”

They also said:
They figure “I gotta grow hair where I can”
That “I’m getting ready for a Civil War re-enactment”
That I “joined a biker gang”
“I got a job in a bar as a bouncer”
That I have a “Ming the merciless thing happening”
Two people said that “I am getting ready for an Orange County Chopper marathon”
And my favorite is that: “I am going to be the Cowboy in the new Village People”

Yeah, I know that I asked for that and it tickled me to the core to see my friends bust on me. A couple of days later I told them why I grew it and posted this:

I grew this mustache because my church (the Church of Eleven22) challenged the men of the church to grow one and when people asked about it, use it as a conversation starter to boldly share my faith or testimony. So I am about to boldly spill my guts about recent events in my life. I am going to tell my story about how I was just wrecked in the best way possible. Only living this disaster could bring me to the comfortable conclusion that I am not made for this world and all it offers is empty hunger pains for stuff that will never fill my satisfaction appetite. I hope this short story will help someone who reads it come to the same conclusion I did; although I hope in a much easier way than I.

So about two years ago I made a heartfelt decision to surrender all to God. I prayed he would use me for his glory any way he sees fit. Many of you know soon after, I found myself going into state prisons at his calling and doing Christian prison ministry. I saw real miracles and the Holy Spirit working in real time. At that time I witnessed many inmates, my friends, coworkers and family give their lives to Christ. I felt important because I saw God all around me and it was awesome to see him using me as a tool to help bring home some lost sheep. Then I was baptized. This I think is where the wheels fell off the cart. I assumed (like many) that the problems we all have would get better in my life after being a part of this new movement for God. But that did not happen. I was working harder and investing more time into my business to keep it alive in this uncertain economy. Still: God allowed me to lose my health insurance, my 401k, my good credit, my hot rod car that took me four years to build, my Hummer H2 that I loved and other toys and comfort things like cable TV and home phone. I am even facing loosing the home itself. My wife moved from full time homemaker to full time employee in retail world. The worst thing is I have lost one of my children due to choices that they made to live a lie. I am truly living the father’s side of the story of the prodigal son, although it is my precious daughter that ran away from my protective arms. She is now firmly in the grip of the world.

I know it sounds crazy but I had no idea that I could handle losing so much in just a few months, although it was easy for me to think “all I need is my God and my family then all would be okay”, living through the slow pulling agony of my stuff being taken from me was horrible! I placed my stuff way higher in importance than I ever would have thought. As I lost stuff that I loved and saw the stress on my wife’s face, I got mad at God, I did not understand why he was taking my toys from me, even as I was still playing with them. Why didn’t he protect my Daughter? Why did I have to lose her?

I did not open up to many people around me, but many saw the hurt and anger in my eyes. I knew and believed that “God had this” but the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming! I thought this may be a test, if so, then it was a test to show me that I am not in control of anything and God wanted to show me an internal strength that I did not know I had and show me my addiction to my “stuff” was way worse than I had admitted to myself.

I called my father one day, I knew that in the past he had a similar experience so I had a short conversation with him, and he told me 3 simple, wise words that changed my outlook; that was: “ALL…STORMS….PASS” I soon began to accept the circumstances and look for hints of sunlight through the clouds. The anger slowly went away and I was surprised at the relief of losing many burdens I was carrying. Some time has passed from the center of the storm. A lot of my stuff and my daughter are still gone and many storm clouds are still ahead. But business is doing great again, the love between my wife and I has only gotten stronger, and we are more thankful for each other and our time together.

Because of that storm I found reason to die from everything of this world and what it has to offer. I have had a rebirth that I would have never understood before the storm. I no longer dream of treasures of this world. I only want to draw closer to the only thing I see that lasts forever and that is God!

So if you find a new relationship with Christ and storms come; Hold on, have faith, praise God…the storm will pass.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I wonder how many of you would have read this if it were not for the mustache? I really do want to shout from the mountain tops that My God loves us enough to send the very best “his son” to place all of my and your sins on the only pure and spotless man “Jesus”, then allow him to be brutally tortured to death so that we may have life. Now all of our sins are gone as far as the East is from the West… gone! They were left on that torture instrument; the cross, so we, his children can be free to live in the grace of this event that really did happen.